BI Content Assistant XIR3 and BI4

Hot backup and restore for BusinessObjects Content

What is it?

 The BI Content Assistant is a business objects backup tool to assist in the hot backup, restore, movement and management of BOXI/BI4 content, currently documents and universes.

What does it do?


Video - Restoring a Webi Document with BICA

Client Testimonies

1. macOS time machine for the SAP BI Platform

The title best describes how we use BI Content assistant for our BI platform. We take incremental backups of our 3 clusters around the globe multiple times a day and this allows us to go back to any point in time for individual documents. Something we cannot do in an easy way with the stock BI Suite.

Global BI Architect, International Health Product Company , Netherlands

How to backup three XIR3 clusters around the globe, 3,000+ users, twice a day! - Read the customer case study/comments


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