BusinessObjects Auditing - BI Warehouse for BI4

What is it?

The BI Warehouse (BIW) is an administrator’s BusinessObjects audit tool designed to provide a continuous rapid audit of SAP BusinessObjects 4.1/4.2 deployments, in particular Web Intelligence documents, Crystal Reports and universes (unv/unx).

Information is held at data provider/object level, in the first instance to provide impact analysis based on the use of specific objects within a universe, e.g. The “Sales Revenue” object is about to change in the Sales universe, which existing documents/data providers will be affected?

Typical questions the BIW can answer

BIW in a Nutshell

Client Testimonies

1. A must have product for BusinessObjects users

Sulis Systems tools have proved to be useful for new project impact analysis, especially with system upgrades, Business Objects Web Intelligence documents and universe analysis, automated documentation, and auditing. Yarra Trams uses Sulis Systems tools for ad hoc requests and for standard reporting to analyse reports SQL, variable or other Webi or Crystal Reports metadata. Sulis Systems have provided excellent support in assessing, installing and testing the software, as well as after-hours assistance.

BI Administrator, Yarra Trams, Australia

2. An excellent audit tool for an entry level product

As a Financial organisation, BI Warehouse provides us with the ability to identify objects that were not exposed before. We are able to run all our BI Governance from a single report, using BIW linked to the SAP Audit universe. BI warehouse has simple installation, and excellent support from the Sulis Systems. There is also quick turnaround of any issues.

BI Developer/Administrator, Investment Management Company, UK

3. BIW successfully plugs the content analysis gap in BOXI

We have recently installed Sulis Systems BI Warehouse (BIW), primarily to improve our impact analysis and content management, and already it is helping us greatly. Like many BOXI customers we found it difficult previously to analyse content and maintain alignment of our various life cycle environments without resorting to more technical and time consuming analyses. BIW speeds this greatly and improves the quality of those analyses. We also link the BIW extracted full content picture with the BO audit recorded active content picture to help better identify redundant content, over-weight developments and also to highlight development quality concerns for further team investigation. All in all BIW is proving an invaluable tool for providing faster and more accurate analyses whilst saving substantial time and effort. Soon we will look into embedding BIW further into our change management processes, including a time-based report review cycle and report cataloging.

BI Consultant/Administrator, Finance Company, UK

4. BI Warehouse saving us a considerable amount of time

Here at Legacy Health we are using the Sulis BI Warehouse software to help automate our in-house developed data catalog. We currently have over 30 universes that in total contain over 2000 data elements, which can make it difficult for an end user to find and report on the data points that they need. The solution was to develop an in-depth easy to use catalog where an end user could simply search for data elements that they needed and the result set that returned would point them to the correct universe along with the relevant dimensions and measures. This catalog turned out to be a success but the maintenance became a bit unmanageable since the developer had to update the universe and then in turn update the catalog with the same data. This is where Sulis helped tremendously. We were able to take the meta data that Sulis pulls from BOE and then populate our data catalog in an automated fashion. Now instead of a developer spending hours updating both the universe and the catalog with useful descriptions and proper names, we now update the catalog nightly from the Sulis BI Warehouse saving us a considerable amount of time by removing duplicated work and limiting the amount of human error that would occur during the copying process.

Legacy Health, Portland, USA

5. Very useful in the day to day running of our SAP BI Suite

At M&G Investments, Sulis Systems BI Warehouse (BIW) allows previously unavailable BI content to be exposed and analysed. Combining BIW with the SAP Audit universe, we now have the ability to run all our BI Governance from a single report. Using this linked data has enabled our team to produce report, scheduled and universe catalogues for our entire SAP BI environment. BIW also enables our BI team to monitor user events, highlight peak time scheduled statistics and identify errors in report objects. All the information that has been exposed, has been very useful in the day to day running of our SAP BI Suite, and has also aided when analysing our next SAP BI Suite upgrade.

M&G Investments; Investments, London, UK

6. XIR3 BIW User upgrading to BI4 BIW

"Pleased to hear that BIW is now available for BI4.1. We have just upgraded from XIR3 to BI4.1 and will be looking to upgrade BIW as soon as everything has settled down. We find it an invaluable tool. It is able to provide a fair bit of information but the prime usage for us is in identifying what objects are used where. We don’t have a massive installation (around 500 reports and 30 universes) but it is too big to monitor manually. We recently created a new calendar table and wanted to replace the old one with it. BIW made this a simple task as we could tackle it one universe at a time with a single report listing all the business reports that used the calendar derived objects. These were amended and then we re-audited the system to ensure we hadn’t missed any. It was also used a fair bit in the tidy up exercises that we ran prior to the upgrade".

Business Applications Manager, International Soft Drinks Manufacturer, UK

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