Business Objects Audit - BI Warehouse for BI4

What is it?

The BI Warehouse (BIW) is an administrator’s business objects audit tool designed to provide a continuous rapid audit of SAP BusinessObjects 4.1/4.2 deployments, in particular Web Intelligence documents, Crystal Reports and universes (unv/unx).

Information is held at data provider/object level, in the first instance to provide impact analysis based on the use of specific objects within a universe, e.g. The “Sales Revenue” object is about to change in the Sales universe, which existing documents/data providers will be affected?

Typical questions the BIW can answer

BIW in a Nutshell

Client Testimonial

"Pleased to hear that BIW is now available for BI4.1. We have just upgraded from XIR3 to BI4.1 and will be looking to upgrade BIW as soon as everything has settled down. We find it an invaluable tool. It is able to provide a fair bit of information but the prime usage for us is in identifying what objects are used where. We don’t have a massive installation (around 500 reports and 30 universes) but it is too big to monitor manually. We recently created a new calendar table and wanted to replace the old one with it. BIW made this a simple task as we could tackle it one universe at a time with a single report listing all the business reports that used the calendar derived objects. These were amended and then we re-audited the system to ensure we hadn’t missed any. It was also used a fair bit in the tidy up exercises that we ran prior to the upgrade".

Business Applications Manager, International Soft Drinks Manufacturer, GB

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