QBXcell for XIR 3.1 and BI4

QBXcell – Query and extract data from the System Database

Analyse users, documents, connections, servers, scheduling, security, which documents use which universes etc.


Originally the BusinessObjects repository held all the deployment information for your BOE system. As the repository was a standard relational database the information could be queried via a universe or directly from SQL.  Since BusinessObjects XI the repository has been replaced by the “system database”, this maintains its data in binary format and is no longer directly accessible by SQL. Fortunately, the SAP BusinessObjects software comes with Query Builder, a web based tool for query the system database. Query Builder is ideal for viewing the property/sub property structure of objects and viewing a limited set of data. However, the format of the returned data makes the analysis of larger queries difficult, if not impossible. Query Builder also lacks the ability to export the data returned to a useful format for further analysis.

What is QBXcell?

QBXcell is a powerful tool designed to simplify the querying and extraction of data from the BusinessObjects system database to standard relational database, CSV or XML formats. QBXcell can be used either interactively or as a scheduled BOE job.


Above – example simple query returns data in a tabular format prior to exporting.

QBXcell automatically exports a query into a main table with a series of sub-tables based on the objects sub properties (Property Bags).

QBXcell Features


Client Testimonies

1. Clever and useful product

We found this product a very clever and useful tool. It allows BusinessObjects administrators to interrogate and report on information that this held in the CMS database. Unlike the packaged SAP product, Query Builder, this tool outputs and displays the returned information in flat useable records instead of data buckets as does Query Builder. Furthermore, QBXcell allows the queried data to be easily outputted to a CSV file or to a database, on which further more complex reporting can be applied. QBXcell comes with a number of example SQL queries that report the following types of information…


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