Training Delegate Comments

Sulis Systems aims to provide quality training in a friendly environment. These are a sample of comments from satisfied customers.

"The course was more than adequate and has provided the ground knowledge that has been lacking,. Thoroughly enjoyable and of great use."

"A clear and confident presenter able to deliver a tailored course to the needs and abilities of the audience."

Police Analysts


"One of the best trainers I have ever been trained by. Very good at keeping pace between slow people and fast people."

"Very good trainer - enthusiastic and approachable - good humour"

Government Department


"Expert in the subject of the course. Provided quality advice, knowledge and input at both a basic and(when appropriate) advanced level. Very good."

"Excellent understanding of the subject..."

"Very knowledgeable, very helpful."



"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the content was good and I fell that I have learnt a lot. The course was well presented and instructed"

County Council


"The course was very good and very well laid out and presented in a way that was easy to follow. The instructor kept the course interesting and kept pace with everyone."

"Instructor was professional, patient and very helpful throughout"

Government Department, Ireland.


"Having used Web Intelligence for over two years, now I have learnt lots of tips that will make report writing a lot easier, smarter and time efficient."

"Trainer very patient and professional, in depth knowledge and helpful when queries were raised."

"Really good instruction, well presented and trained out."

Police Analysts


"Really useful course, excellent introduction to BusinessObjects. The instructor was really knowledgeable and kept the team engaged. Thanks!"



"Course pitched at the correct level with suitable content. One of the best introductions to a subject I have attended. Well presented knowledgeable instructor"

Scottish Country Council

"Excellent Course -  a lot of content but I now feel much more confident in using BusinessObjects, which is great"

"The trainer was excellent, he has an extensive knowledge of the system so was able to answer all questions that we had. The course was communicated in a way that was easy to understand.

Travel Company