BO Documenter 3.1

A professional documentation tool for Desktop Intelligence documents.

Common Challenges

  • To provide documentation for reporting objects held within a BusinessObjects/ Desktop Intelligence Document.
  • Snapshot changes of a document over time.
  • Detailed analysis of variable usage, remove invalid and duplicate formulae.
  • Reduce document storage requirements.
  • Improve performance.
  • Provide a convenient document to pass to IT support for easy analysis.
  • One shot listing of all variables and functions in a document.
  • Capture SQL to cut and paste to other applications for testing.
  • Consultants can quickly capture information from a site for later analysis.

Key Features

  • Documents:Document details, reports, data providers details, data provider SQL, queries details, result objects, variables, formulas and constants, prompt values.
  • Document multiple documents in one pass.
  • Output results to Word, HTML, XML or Tab Delimited file
  • Word Output based on customisable Template
  • Variable analysis identifies:Invalid variables, empty variables, duplicate names, duplicate formulae, variables used in other formulae, which blocks display variables.
  • Simple removal of unwanted variables.
  • Variable analysis results can be output to HTML or Text file for further analysis.
  • Walk through a chain of inter-related variables via the variable details screen
  • Versions 5i, 6, XIR2 and XIR3 Supported
  • Note:To use this tool you must have a legal copy of BusinessObjects installed.

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