Universe Documenter For XIR3 and BI 4.1

An important part of your BusinessObjects administration toolset.

Common Challenges

  • To provide easy universe documentation to standard file formats
  • Snapshot changes to a universe over time
  • HTML format for ease of use of Support Staff on-line
  • Provide users with a Classes and Objects map of objects and descriptions in a universe
  • Consultants can quickly capture information from a site for later analysis
  • Use Quickview to browse a list of universes
  • Documents features not available from standard options.
  • Upload to a database and analyse universes via the supplied universe.

Key Features

  • Documents the following
  • Universe parameters, classes and objects listing, detailed objects listing, control options, SQL options, joins, contexts, custom hierarchies, default hierarchies, linked universes, tables and columns, incompatible objects. Also formatting, attributes and universe parameters if applicable to your universe version.
  • Ability to select which of the above options are documented.
  • Output results to Word, HTML, XML or Tab Delimited file
  • Word Output based on customisable Template
  • HTML output features hyperlinks to aid navigation on line
  • XML comes with two sample XSLT style sheets.
  • Output can now be uploaded to a database for further analysis.
  • Documents BusinessObjects Connections, no standard option to do this
  • Documents Incompatible Objects, no standard option to do this
  • Documents formatting, attributes and parameters, no standard option to do this.
  • Quickview to open a universe in browse mode
  • Purge List of Values for universes before exporting to the repository
  • Documents multiple universes in one pass
  • Versions 5i, 6, XI R2, XIR3, BI 4.0, BI 4.1 Supported
  • Note: To use this tool you must have a legal copy of BusinessObjects Designer/Universe Design Tool


Further Information

The following documents show output for a sample universe.

Universe Documenter Flash Video

Universe Documenter Example HTML Output

Universe Documenter  Example Word Output

Universe Documenter Example XML Output

Universe Documenter Example 2 XML Output

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